Traffic Tips

  • No.1

    Public Traffic

    The Moli Rainforest Scenic Area (Ruili) is 28 km from Ruili Bus Terminal, within a 40-minute taxi ride. There is no special bus line and the one-way taxi fare is 40-70 yuan. It is also 98 km away from Mangshi International Airport—2 hours of taxi ride. The taxi fare is 40-60 yuan/person, and chartering a bus costs 150-200 yuan.

  • No.2

    Private Car

    Intersection near the scenic area: (by private car) intersection between National Highway 320(G320) and Wanrui Bridge Road.

  • No.3


    There is an airport in Luxi, a city known as Mangshi among locals in Dehong Autonomous Prefecture. The Mangshi Airport is 6.5 km away from Mangshi downtown. There are 1-2 flights between Kunming and Mangshi every day. When visitors come to this area, they generally fly to Luxi before heading for Ruili.

  • No.4


    The National Highway 320 (G320) passes through the territory of Dehong Autonomous Prefecture and extends to Ruili and Nongdao. It connects all cities and counties of the prefecture.

    The mileage of Kunming to Ruili is 827 km. Kunming Coach Terminal has sleeper shuttle buses and high-speed shuttle buses to Ruili every day.

    Dali Passenger Terminal also has sleeper and general buses to Ruili. The journey to Ruili takes 100 yuan and costs 10 hours.

    In addition, you can also take a bus heading for Ruili at Tengchong Bus Terminal. The journey, which passes through Yingjiang County, is about 230 km. It takes 36.50 yuan and costs 5 to 6 hours.